6-Day Hidden Love Blocks Challenge
The Hidden Love Blocks Challenge is designed for You If you are A Single Professional woman who has been working for years to attract a man with all the qualities You want, but You already know You’re being held back by hidden subconscious blocks You are ready to eliminate …NOW.
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6- Day Hidden Love Block Challenge

What's Included In 

Life-time Access to 6-Day Workshop
You will get Powerful Self-Coaching Tools For Helping You To Find And Eliminate All Your Love Blocks That Are Sabotaging Your Love Life For Years.

6 (SIX) Lessons

Day 1: Discover All Your Negative Love Beliefs 
Day 2: Discover All Your Negative Love Patterns 
Day 3: Discover All Your Love Fears
Day 4: Discover All Your Unmet Childhood Needs
Day 5: The #1 Silent Killer Of Your Love Life And The 12 Key Factors That You Need To Master To Find Your Soulmate In Months Instead Of Years.
Day 6: The Fastest Way To Attract Your Soulmate Without Playing Games Or Pretending To Be Someone They Are Not (This Is Exclusive Content Only My Paying Clients See).

Total Value = £997

For A Limited Time = £37

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