6-Day Hidden Love Blocks Challenge
The Hidden Love Blocks Challenge is designed for You If you are A Single Professional woman who has been working for years to attract a man with all the qualities You want, but You already know You’re being held back by hidden subconscious blocks You are ready to eliminate …NOW.
Hi, I’m Simona and the #1 question I get from Single Professional women is...
"how to attract a man with the qualities I want so I stop wasting years with the wrong guy who I thought I could fix?" 

"Or worse, settle for less than I want!"

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Monday, October 25th through Monday, November 1st.
Everyday Live at 7.00 PM UK / 8.00 PM CET


I was dumped by my fiance …

I just moved to a brand new city, I was in a new engineering job, I had no friends, no emotional support, feeling not attractive at all, being overweight and I didn't know even how to flirt.

I spent the next 90 days in tears and denial. I was hoping that he will come back because a friend of mine who was a clairvoyant told me that he is my soulmate and I will get married at 25 years old with him.

When I finally dried my eyes and got out of bed, an astrologer told me that I just have bad karma in the relationship field and that I should accept being alone for the rest of my life.

Being alone wasn't an option.  

Therefore I became obsessed to find WHY and THE SOLUTION.

I tried everything...

After 5 years of trying everything (astrology, numerology, Reiki, Shamanic procedures, Theta Healing. I was able to help my friends to attract the right man and have clients, even I was alone), I had my breakthrough.

And as soon as I discover and eliminate my deepest love blocks and use the Alignment Code, 2 weeks later I met Alex, my husband.

And this life path gave me a great solution for ladies like me, which are high-achievers and don't want to give up. I already helped over 1000 women to overcome their fears and find love with the right guy

And with this challenge I want to share it with you in the most tangible, efficient and practical way

This live love coaching program will help you attract & choose the right man and then to build lasting love relationship — using a proven system. This works whether:

► You are single, in or after a divorce process, heartbroken or wounded
►  You are in a complicated relationship, long-distance or uncommitted one
► You didn't have a long relationship until now
► You don't know how to date or build a relationship

The ONLY way to attract your soulmate is to remove all the subconscious blocks you have from childhood and society that are causing you to attract the same wrong guy over and over again.

But that’s impossible to do by yourself because we all need someone to hold the perfect mirror up for us to finally be able to see our subconscious blocks so we can remove them.

The Hidden Love Blocks Challenge 
is for you only if you are...

Ready to stop dating the wrong-guy!

This FREE challenge is for action-takers ready to apply EXPLOSIVE strategies to change forever the trajectory of your love life.

In This 6-Day Workshop, Simona Anghel Will Give You Powerful Self-Coaching Tools For Helping You To Find And Eliminate All Your Love Blocks That Are Sabotaging Your Love Life For Years.

Purposely Developed To Help You To Finally Have The Ultimate AHA Moment And Shift Your Perception FOREVER About Being Afraid Of Choosing The Wrong Man Or Starting And Not Being Able To Maintain The Relationship.


Monday, October 25th through Monday, November 1st.


Live of Course!

You should join my private Facebook Group – Bloom your Love Life. You can watch in bed, on your cell phone, or anywhere with an internet connection. This is a lucrative group where you will feel comfortable to share your deepest fears.


Single Professional Women, like you...

Women who have been working for years to attract a man with all the qualities they want, but they already know they’re being held back by hidden subconscious blocks they are ready to eliminate now.

 What you will get:

All your love blocks analyzed (fears, beliefs, patterns, unmet needs)

All of them will be analyzed and explain so to understand the root-cause (rejection complex, fear of not being good enough, fear of ending in a compromised relationship, fear of abandonment, losing your freedom, fear of repeating a negative pattern, fear of being lied or cheated, fear of being betrayed, fear of being used, fear of getting hurt, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of ending alone).

More than 5 Self-coaching tools to overcome once and for all your deepest love blocks. I will share and do it with you the best tools to break through your fears, negative beliefs and patterns. 

Plus – the ultimate self-coaching method for transforming permanently your love life.

And many more surprises that will help you more in achieving your love goals this year.


The normal cost is ABSOLUTELY FREE.
…just because you deserve to know this information and transform your love life.

Over these 6 days, you’ll be tuning into LIVE training with me, where we’re doing a deep dive into high-level exercises and taking simple, daily action steps that yield massive results.

It’s all online, so you can check it out from anywhere.

Here's how the Hidden Love Blocks Challenge will transform your love life:

Day 1

Discover all your negative love beliefs to get clarity on what’s holding you back from attracting men with qualities you want.

Day 2

Discover all your negative love patterns - go deeper to identify the most complicated that are sabotaging your entire love life.

Day 3

Discover all your love fears that interferes with your dating process to get beyond the 3-4 month dating mark.

Day 4

Discover all your unmet childhood needs that cause you to choose the wrong man over and over again (even though you think THIS guy will be different…)

Day 5

The #1 Silent Killer of your love life and the 12 key factors that you need to master to find your soulmate in months instead of years.

Day 6

Special Masterclass

[SPECIAL MASTERCLASS] - on 1st Of November

The Fastest Way to Attract Your Soulmate without playing games or pretending to be someone they are not (this is exclusive content only my paying clients see).
By the end of this challenge will no longer be weighed down with cancerous beliefs that are keeping you from sharing your life with a man who is PERFECT for you.

!!! Before you spend another Christmas alone …!!!

Remember This ...
  • It’s Impossible To Find And Clear Subconscious Beliefs On Your Own.
  • ​Your Friends And Family Will Never Be Objective Enough To Help You.
  • Therapy Is Long And Costly, And You’ll Never Find So Many Love Blocks In One Round As You’ll Find In This Challenge.
You deserve to get out of that unhappy love life spiral.

Don't Wait Too Long. Join NOW!
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